Sourced from sustainable Australian Pine Plantations, all WA Pine Shavings timber products are kiln dried. This process reduces tars, oils and other allergens ensuring freedom from mould and or bacteria to meet the strict quarantine requirements of our various clients. WA Pine Shavings factory facilities provide full undercover production within a dust extracted environment. WA Pine Shavings is able to supply you with an elite product that is superior in quality, chemical free and biodegradable. All our products have a wide range of applications.

Unlike other similar businesses where sawdust and shavings are simply the waste product, at WA Pine Shavings we specialise in the actual manufacture of high quality Pine Shavings and Sawdust for specific uses.



Live Rock Lobster Export

Website Images Rock LobsterWA Pine Shavings are the preferred medium for the packing of live Rock Lobsters for the lucrative and demanding export trade. Weight being an important factor WA Pine Shavings are specially shaved to be as light as possible. This also allows the Rock Lobster to breathe during transportation. Organic and bio-degradable, the pine assists in neutralising any ammonia associated with seafood and the kiln drying process ensures that no moisture escapes during transport by air.

Live Marron Export

Website Images Marron

An exciting and growing industry, live Marron exporters prefer WA Pine Shavings for use in packing for overseas transport. Unlike some other packaging products WA Pine Shavings do not get caught in the crustaceans’ gills ensuring that a fresher cleaner product can be delivered.

Veterinarian Services


WA Pine Shavings are proud to say that our kiln dried WA Pine Shavings are purchased by various Veterinary Services and Institutions whose exacting standards require a clean, dry and disease free product to ensure the welfare of their animals and also to curb the spread of any possible diseases or infections.

Poultry Fanciers

Website Images Poultry Fanciers (Shavings)

The ultimate in bedding materials WA Pine Shavings are kept in clean, dry conditions up until the time of delivery or collection. Showing and breeding enthusiasts appreciate the light colouring of the shavings so that show birds can be presented in pristine condition. Kiln drying ensures that there is no moisture to promote the growth of organisms such as coccidiosis and aspergillosis which can have disastrous effects within the fancy.


Small Animal Husbandry


Our exclusive WA Pine Shavings is suitable for all small animals – rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and even reptiles. Kiln drying ensures that natural oils, tar and other potential allergens are reduced significantly. WA Pine Shavings maintain a soft, clean, dry environment and neutralise the smell of ammonia making them especially useful in keeping odours at bay. Guinea pig breeders in particular source out our dust extracted WA Pine Shavings.


Snoozle Plus



“Snoozle Plus” is our Trademark name for WA Pine Shavings packaged in convenient 25 litre plastic bags which are now available wholesale. Almost dust free “Snoozle Plus” is very light and fluffy in texture. It is particularly suitable for guinea pigs which are extremely sensitive to dust and odours or for any other animals with allergens or respiratory issues. Commercially “Snoozle Plus” is used by the Live Rock Lobster export industry as it allows the lobsters to breathe during transportation. Organic and bio-degradable, the pine assists in neutralising any ammonia and the kiln drying process ensures moisture content is kept to a minimum, to avoid the spread of bacteria and diseases.



Wine Packaging


WA Pine Shavings can be used as packing for premium wines to ensure a clean dry environment.  WA Pine Shavings also assist in the preservation of labels and reduce the likelihood of breakages during transport. They are light, dry, bio-degradable and absorbent and provide an interesting background for display purposes.


Commercial Poultry Production

Website Images Commercial Poultry

WA Pine Sawdust is heavier and finer than our WA Pine Shavings. WA Pine Sawdust is the optimum choice for the professional poultry industry both for egg laying and meat birds. Delivered in 25m3 loads in our specially modified tipping truck, our kiln dried WA Pine Sawdust ensures that a clean, dry and disease free environment can be maintained. We adhere to strict quarantine requirements at all times and work closely in conjunction with our valued clients who have described our WA Pine Sawdust as “the best in Australia”.

Poultry Fanciers


WA Pine Sawdust is more economical that our WA Pine Shavings. Kiln dried WA Pine Sawdust is the optimum choice for people keeping chickens, ducks, turkeys and other exotic poultry for both egg and meat production or for showing.  It is an excellent medium for maintaining a clean, dry and disease free environment. WA Pine Sawdust has a fresh pine odour and assists in neutralising natural alkalinity.

Small Animal Husbandry


Kiln Dried WA Pine Sawdust is the ideal choice for people keeping rabbits, ferrets, crazy crabs and reptiles. The WA Pine Sawdust provide a soft yet firm layer on the base of all cages making cleaning and maintenance so much easier. Being bio-degradable, the used sawdust can be composted for later re-cycling! Fresh smelling and light in colour even white animals remain clean, comfortable and unstained.



Equine Stable Bedding

Website Images Equine Stable Bedding

Kiln Dried WA Pine Sawdust is ideal for lining stables and stalls. The kiln drying process helps to remove natural oils, tar, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens. This results in a clean, pest free bedding which reduces ammonia levels in stable environments thus eliminating bad odours. Assists in control and prevention of respiratory issues. Also helps to keep stable fly and other pests at bay limiting the opportunity for the spread of disease.



“Snoozle” is our Trademark name for WA Pine Sawdust packaged in convenient 25 litre plastic bags which are now available wholesale. Heavier and finer than our WA Pine Shavings although still “dust reduced”  “Snoozle” is the optimum choice for all small animals and birds. “Snoozle” ensures that a clean, dry and disease free environment can be maintained and makes cage cleaning easier and more pleasant. Commercially “Snoozle” is used by the chicken breeder farms and strict quarantine requirements are adhered to at all times. Our factory is kept scrupulously clean and we have been advised by our major clients that our product is “the best in Australia”.


Brick Manufacture Industry

Website Images Pine Slats

In keeping with our commitment to 100% No Waste, the thin slats left after shaving are cut to size and palletised for use as support and protection for the brick manufacturing industry. Being fully bio-degradable, our WA Pine Slats are the preferred option of our existing clients.


Standard Pallets


WA Pine Shavings manufactures a series of standard pallets for our customers. These are produced to our customers’ strict specifications and are utilised for various purposes including storage and transport of bricks, pavers and other larger components. Personal signage can be included if required.


Custom Pallets


Specialised “one off” custom pallets can be manufactured to your strict specifications for the safe storage and transport of large and small items. WA Pine Shavings is able to offer you competitive quotes.



Custom Crates

Website Images Custom Crates

WA Pine Shavings enjoys a challenge! We have the ability to manufacture crates to almost any dimension. Made-to-order pine crates are tailored to suit your unique packaging and transport requirements.


Midvale Yard

The WA Pine Shavings team are pallet experts and can repair and refurbish your existing pallets within our yard, which is conveniently located in Midvale just off the Roe Highway. We are committed to recycling in all facets of our business and appreciate that it is much more economical to repair a pallet than to purchase a new one.


Sometimes it is easier for us to come to you! For larger repair orders our team can come to your yard where your broken pallets can be repaired, refurbished and re-stacked without the inconvenience and cost of being transported to and from our yard. We provide all necessary tools, wood and nails and will attend to all your repairs in an efficient and professional manner.




Delivery is available for large orders within the Metro and Outer Metro regions. WA Pine Shavings kiln dried Pine Shavings and Pine Sawdust products are mostly utilised in areas where quarantine requirements are strict and we have specific vehicles purposely modified for delivery. We reserve the right to request that you make your own arrangements regarding collection or delivery in any circumstances that could put any of our other clients’ quarantine requirements in jeopardy. Pallets, crates and slats can be delivered within the Metro and Outer Metro regions on completion of any order.